2019 Atlanta Film Critics Association Awards presented, Parasite becomes big winner

2019 Atlanta Film Critics Association Awards presented, “Parasite” becomes big winner
Sauna Night News Recently, the 2019 Atlanta Film Critics Association Awards were presented.”Parasite” topped the top ten films of the year, and won three awards for best international film, best director, and best script.Adam Dreyfu won the best actor with “Marriage Story”, Renee Zweig won the best actress with “Judy”.”1917″ won the best photography and best original soundtrack, and “Toy Story 4″ won the best animation.”Parasite” stills.The pictures from the online winners list are as follows: the annual top ten films “parasite”, “Irish”, “marriage story”, “Hollywood”, “1917”, “little woman”, “drill”, “blade”, “pain and glory””Apollo 11” Best Actor: Adam Dreyfu “Marriage Story” Best Actress: Renee Zweig “Judy” Best Supporting Actor: Brad Pitt “Hollywood Past” BestSupporting Actress: Laura Dunn, Best Group Play in “Marriage Story”: Best Director in “Irish”: Feng Junhao, “Best Parasite” Best Screenplay: Feng Junhao & Han Jinyuan, “Best Parasite” Best Documentary: “”Apollo 11” Best International Movie: “Parasite” Best Animation: “Toy Story 4” Best Photography: Roger Dickins “1917” Best Original Soundtrack: Thomas Newman “1917” Best突破表演:小凯文·哈里森《卢斯》&《浪潮》最佳长片处女作:奥利维亚·王尔德《高材生》桑拿夜网编辑 徐美琳 校对 李项玲

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