[How to lock the water of tofu brain]_How to lock_How to do

[How to lock the water of tofu brain]_How to lock_How to do

I believe many people have eaten tofu brain as a snack. Tofu brain only needs to be added to the soy milk when making it, but to make the tofu brain delicious, you must firmly lock it insideAs long as it can make tofu brain taste more tender, the taste will become better.

It is not easy to lock the water in the tofu brain. The following editors will teach you how to do this.

There is too much water in the tofu brain. One is the reason for the low concentration of soy milk, and the other is the inadequate mixing of soy milk and coagulant.

So pay attention to the density of soy milk when making tofu brain next time, and use a spoon to stir evenly when adding coagulant.

Do this one more time, record the details of each time, then choose the best one, and try again a few times.

The process of making tofu brain: 1. Soak the soybeans in advance.

(A little more than usual beans for soy milk).

2. Add soybean milk machine to make soybean milk.

3. Filter the bean dregs.

4. When the filtered soybean milk is cooled to 70 ° C-80 ° C, pour it into a container.

5. Prepare lactones, the amount of which is 0 is the amount of soybean milk.

2% -0.


(Tofu, tofu flower: 500 grams of soy milk with lactone 1.



6. Dissolve the lactone with a small amount of cold water.

7. Pour into the soy milk and stir well.

(It is best to cover a piece and put it in a warm place).

8. After tens of minutes, the soy milk has solidified into tofu brain.

9. Put the tofu brain in a bowl.

10. Pour in soy sauce.

(I put Xinhe soy sauce).

11. Add your favorite shrimp skin, chives, ham, etc.

12, pour in sesame oil to try.

Use a small amount of coagulant (lactone content is one to two thousandths of the amount of soybean milk), and heat the cooked soybean milk (about 85 for lactone tofu brain).Insufficient, stir with a spoon immediately after finishing (note that you can’t stir too quickly, generally do not need to stir).

Let stand for about 10 minutes.

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