HR recruitment and interview experience

HR recruitment and interview experience

The first question is that your role in the interview is always a contradiction between the recruiter and the candidate. This is no doubt, but why is it not a cooperative relationship?

Imagine there is another leaping job that you do not want to find a suitable candidate for your company quickly and accurately, and another candidate who does not want to get job opportunities through interviews as soon as possible to complete his career?

Therefore, as candidates, we must never think that HR is on the opposite side of you from the beginning. If you stand on the wrong team, your interview will basically end.

Because you will do everything in your power to avoid problems that you may have that affect your work, rather than show your abilities, the most important job in the interview is performance, not avoidance (To showDon’t cover up!

) Participants will prepare before the interview, see a lot of interview experience, I also see (HR is not stupid, of course, think about how the other party will deal with the interview, ha ha).

One of these so-called face books is very important that you make up for your weaknesses. In fact, this is a big misunderstanding.

For example, many fresh graduates I interviewed talked to me about their work experience, and even typed a copy shop, they typed like a project management project. Conversely, those who graduated from junior colleges and technical secondary schools and worked for two yearsFor three years, I have always liked to say that my self-study is undergraduate, I am studying at night, and soon I will get a ** university ** diploma . In fact, these are basically useless. Think about why the company let you comeInterview?

If I need someone with work experience and I read your resume of a fresh graduate, what do I want you to do in an interview?

I’m looking for someone with a high degree of education. This year, undergraduates and masters are flying all over the sky. I asked you to come for an interview. It must be that I have no time to pass up!

  Therefore, the most important thing in an interview is to show your strengths, not to make up for your weaknesses, because the company employs people and only uses their strengths. It is not to find Miyoshi students, not to be good in everything!

  The second question is to show some ability. Today it is said that it is necessary to show a certain ability in the recruitment interview. The HR professional statement is very complicated. What ability model, quality structure, career possibility . There is no problem in discussing among colleagues.Really get the actual job, not to mention that candidates are dizzy, sometimes even the thirsty department managers feel impatient.

  1. Demonstrating your ability to not be trained is simple. There are two types of abilities and qualities, those that can be trained and those that are difficult to train. You can judge for yourself.

  Test: Spoken English, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, honesty, kindness, communication skills, understand company product knowledge, company familiarity with the industry, computer skills, financial knowledge, work initiative, coordination ability, analysis ability . try it, distinguish it,Is it easy?

  You are an employer. Where do you focus your attention?

Of course, the ability is not easy to train!

  The company has a training department, and the thing to do is to carve out where employees are lacking, so don’t be afraid that you have shortcomings in terms of training (such as not knowing the company’s product knowledge).

What’s more, it is necessary to grasp the hard-to-train ability needed for the position you are applying for.

  2. Demonstrate your irreplaceable ability. As a recruiter, I do multiple choice questions every day. I screen out the one that meets or even exceeds our expectations among many candidates, and the reduced resumes I see every day can beSaid to be a thousand people.

The most typical are graduates, English level 4 (level 6), computer level 2 (level 3), good grades (ranking 3/50), winning scholarships for n consecutive years, participating in ** student organizations, working in ** companiesMonthly internships.

How much is this resume? In other words, once the company wants to recruit, there is a long line at the door at any time, and your chance of success is very small.

  Looking at the problem from a different angle, why are grass-roots employees easy to find, department managers, and technical experts difficult to recruit?

The reason is substitution. The easier you are to be replaced, the lower your value is. This is the rule.

So whether it is a resume or an interview, you have to show your unique and irreplaceable ability. Do n’t tell me that it is n’t. This is not possible, otherwise why do you apply for it?

  The third question, the key to a successful interview, your expectations = my performance interview, which is called Interview in English, I think it means completely different.

Interview, face-to-face examination, based on your objective assessment of the score, how many points are scored, the purpose is to select the best; the interview translation should be an interview, a meeting, a communication process, the interviewer to the candidate about the companyThe business status and job details provided can be communicated, and the candidate introduces his resume, ability, experience and other information to the other party, so that the other party knows himself and the robe understands himself.

The purpose is to match the two sides, not to choose high scores, or to provide an opportunity for both parties to find the most suitable partner for them.

  Specifically, before the interview, the company must master that it wants to recruit a similar person to do this job analysis, which is the so-called job analysis (job description) in HR theory.

The source of this analysis is very wide. The demand for this position by the department manager, subjective images left by the previous workers to the company, and even objective evaluations of the staff by the customer.

  Therefore, the results of the interview are not so-called excellent, average, poor, only suitable or unsuitable.

I hope that everyone knows the interviewers on the corporate side (let’s use the general statement of interviews, or someone should blame me for speaking English), before the interview came with expectations!

What kind of expectations?

In short, it fits better than its predecessor!

If the predecessor did not do well, I hope to recruit a better one. If the predecessor did not do a good job, I hope to hire a more suitable (stable) one.

  So how can you make yourself better fit the company’s expectations?

  1. Research the other party’s recruitment advertisements. Generally, the other party will write the job content and requirements for the position in the advertisement.

Contrast yourself, if the other party has a college degree or above, and you are a master, do n’t go to the chase and delay everyone ‘s time, is n’t it?

If the other party has written more than three years of work experience, of course the other party will not want to start to train a newbie from a college graduate, the basic conditions are not suitable, let you go to the interview, either the other party is really bored or the other party is new to HRNovice.

  2. Pay attention to the other party ‘s mentality during the interview, be vulgar, be obedient, the other party is a state-owned enterprise, do finance, and ask you how your English level is, you have to be more mindful, work is not necessary, do n’t let the flowers go wildOne pass, maybe your predecessor is good at English and has gone to a foreign company!I ca n’t say too much about being fooled this way, I often come across anyway.

  3, highlight the key points, I often come across such candidates, usually graduated one or two years, sit down in the conference room, without a word, dig out a lot of books from the bag, how big the table will be able to fill you up, English, accounting, trade, customs declaration, computer, marketing, management, public relations . I was dazzled, only you can’t think of it, without him can not come up, after the introduction, I asked weaklyWhat position do you apply for?

The answer: “I think your company is very good, foreign companies, big brands, and my yearning is not one or two years. As long as I can come in, I don’t really care what position!

“I think he is very suitable to be our general manager . The fourth question, the mentality and countermeasures of HR in the interview, we do not prevent from the job description of HR recruiters, in short, to find the right talent for the company.

Of course, there are many restrictions: 1. The time and recruitment cycle varies from two weeks to three months according to the level of the job. The average is one month. 2. Costs. There will be many costs in the recruitment process.The company must be very concerned about the cost of recruiting people. The recruitment effect is also the most important. Can the people you find do well in the company and do it for a long time?It’s contradictory, and want to recruit the most suitable person, but also faster, but also save money, of course, the pressure is huge.

Therefore, in fact, when HR seems to be content with sitting on the other side of the interview table, it is generally struggling with such contradictions. Therefore, I expect that the person who sits opposite to me is the best candidate, not because I am worried.For a moment, he was careless and did not see through the opponent’s small test-taking tactics.

  This is the mentality in the HR interview. The response to this situation seems like I should not talk more about it. Should I perform well?

Of course, and it must be second to none among many interviewees in the professional field, but I advise you to read less on the interview experience. If you come across an HR that is not very experienced, you have prepared all the questionsWith a more accurate answer than that, what kind of HR will it produce?

  1. This person has rich experience in interviews and is always ready to change jobs. The stability is questionable. 2. The personality characteristics of this person are not clear. It needs further observation to see if there is a more suitable candidate. So, return to the original place and the interview process.It’s a show, not a cover. If you hide something, HR will think that you have more things to show, and the boots will doubt the credibility of your overall performance, and you will lose more than you pay!

In the end, interview experience is likely to confuse some HR who has become a monk halfway through, but have you found a job and ended it?

What should I do if I find this job is not suitable for you?

What if you find that your job demands more than you or is clearly incompatible with your abilities?

The final result is still to give up, it is better to communicate sincerely during the interview, let HR see you through a little bit is actually helpful to you!

  The fifth question is to make a good stepping stone-resume creation resume, this step seems simple, in fact, it is a little tricky, do not write two, write more and write less, everyone guess, when HR resume screening, read yourHow long will my resume last?

ten minutes?

That’s my resume for five minutes in total?

Generally, his resume will be studied like this before the interview.

One minute?

That’s a very funny resume.

Correct answer, no more than thirty seconds!

This is my own experience, and my colleagues may have more opinions!

  How much can I read in such a short time?

Note that I didn’t say how many words to read, up to two pages of A4.

School education is killing people. The first page of their resumes is without exception “Cover Letters.”

The content is basically the same. It is roughly a college career. The alma mater is glorious.

How can you make HR attractive to your resume?

Remember, do n’t write three, write more and write less!

Do not write underage experience, resume writing is not about life, company selection is not the government election of national officials.

Generally, we are not very interested in things when you were a child. Elementary, middle school, etc., no one will watch.

Many people feel that it doesn’t seem to be irritating to write, in fact, otherwise, such experiences generally appear in the beginning of resumes. After reading this paragraph, it will seriously affect the willpower of HR to look down, then it is a big loss!

    The work that is not closely related to the work itself, the learning experience is not written, good luck, HR turns a blind eye, bad luck, they will consider, this person is very complicated, let me not be able to do everything possible, and will run when you come!

    Without writing self-evaluation and hobbies in the true sense, I have finished my evaluation. What else does HR evaluate?

The rookie will feel that you are arrogant, and those who have experience will not look at it. It is not good to write only the disadvantages.

If you write about work-related hobbies, (some applicants purchase purchases like to shop, apply for finance said that they love to count money and the like, kidding, student friends do not take it seriously), then no problem, if youI wrote that I love singing karaoke, clubbing and dancing, and playing cards and cards.

    Write more directly related work experience. The key ability you can attract the company is this. Can you not write more?

I have seen a lot of resumes that are very good, even my company directly participates in the company’s work experience, but it is a pity that one sentence “from **** to **** work in **** company ****””Certificator ***”, you all think that your work experience in this company in the past few years has no bright spots to say, how to attract others?

    Write more success case data. Remember one sentence. Facts are always more convincing than empty talk. What about some facts?

success case.

In fact, you do not need to write the entire case background, difficulties, pressure, your measures, implementation, and results from beginning to end. You only need to outline and describe the incident.

If you can write two or three more success stories, is your ability still not on paper?The most important thing is the data, which is the most convincing. For example, if I want to apply for a hiring manager of a company, I will definitely list the data. How many years of full-time recruitment experience, read ** resume, organized ** interviews,Hiring managers-level employees **, supervisor-level **, of which ** were recruited through ** channels, etc. Such numbers will soon increase the credibility of your description.

Can’t you remember?


Wouldn’t you recover based on your situation?

唉 Write fewer projects. I have read too many resumes like this. I have made ** years of sales, have rich experience and good performance. I can participate in the Canton Fair to make millions of dollars for the company . Talents.!!
Hurry back and look at the salary requirements, RMB2500 / month!

This person isn’t fooling me, even if the bonus of one percent is tens of thousands!

So rookie said, lie, throw!

In fact, I know that he did go to the Canton Fair, and he sat in front of their company’s booth (with the project leader next to him) for eight hundred, and the business came to an end. Maybe he had a fight for this business.A live broadcast!

So this became his experience, and it was written on the resume.

What a misunderstanding!

If you really want to write, you just have to mention it, remember to say it is to participate!

   The sixth question is to submit your resume and phone call. Your first impression is good. Now that we have a qualified and attractive resume, many friends start to search the world for recruitment information, and as long as it meets their professional or interestJust give him a copy without saying anything. Is this resume delivery method effective?

  the answer is negative!

The process of submitting a resume is very easy to ignore, thinking that this is actually a very small issue.

Actually not, this is your first impression of the company during the entire application process!

Knowledge of psychology tells us that the first time you see a resume is like we know a person in life. The impression orientation left by the first meeting determines whether you are willing to talk to him. The most direct purpose of your resume is to hope for an interviewDo you say it is important?

   I receive hundreds of resumes every week on the job, which is really amazing. Let me give you some common examples.

  I have extra resumes for me!

What does that mean?

I submit a resume to someone and apply for a position in the home unit. I heard that you have to recruit people here?

Check it out, if I can’t talk about that company, we can talk about it again.

Could there be a worse first impression than this?

Anyway, I noticed that many HRs are clicked to delete directly.
I just want to take the second choice of university. No one wants to be the same, looking for a job. Most people don’t like the second choice!

So, is it good to send only a resume with an email?

   Better than cc, there are a lot of resumes at a glance, I know that it is not for my company. The email content is a bottle of safflower oil, which can be wiped everywhere.

Maybe everyone can find this format from the Internet. Yes, it’s fresh. The letter to find a job is written like this!


However, pity me HR, you look fresh, we all vomit, when I saw it in 2004, I got a very famous cover letter on the Internet, you can read it, the application resume is the same, useThe rate is as high as 33.

33%, graduates of 2005 wrote poems. In a while, students swarmed with poems, some of them were quite literary, and their readiness was okay; some of them were poems, amusement, and bearable;Come here for fun!

Dizzy, is this some kind of first impression?

    So your resume cannot be a soldier in the army, no one will notice a drop of water in the sea!

You should appropriately modify your resume for the job information of the other party and then send it.

The content has been written before, and it goes without saying that at least two sentences are written in the e-mail, such as: Recently, through the ** channel, I learned that your company is hiring ** positions and stealing my work experience. The professional expertise is quiteIn combination, I took the liberty to apply for a position in Yunyun . Don’t look at these two sentences, you immediately dumped a large number of people. Those who only know the repeat send button, you seriously considered the company’s job requirements and its own conditions.Just vote for your resume!

Another first impression is the appointment by phone, which is usually done by HR people. The content is basically that we read your resume and think that your basic conditions meet our job requirements. I hope you can come to the company someday.Attend an interview . it may seem simple, but in fact, the performance of candidates is still different.

    There are three types of bad impressions when answering the phone: before and after, respectfully, overwhelming, and overly dependent.

   Before and after, Christine, the state of Chinese etiquette, has always taken Logic first, but it has given way to modern times, and it seems that in the current era of worship, it is particularly exaggerated on the phone where the other party cannot be seen.

It ‘s hello to answer the phone call in English. It ‘s the same as saying hello to your daily friends. Look at us, and actually invented a “hello”
, which is actually very impolite, you think, whoever greets someone on the road and shouts”Hello”?
It is enough that the tone of this “feed” has multiple meanings (thanks to the four sounds invented by the ancestors), which can express a response, a question, which is reasonable, and can also mean questioning, provocation, and impatience.An impression can no longer be bad!
A little embarrassing, the actual situation is like “Hey!

“I:” Hello, is it ***?

“A:” Yeah, who are you? ”

“I:” I’m from the company. Did you submit a resume for our company?

We think you are in good condition and would like to invite you to an interview.

“A:” Oh yes yes, sorry, sorry, in a meeting (classes, meals, cars, etc. countless excuses).

“The opening remarks that are thousands of miles away are actually not bad enough, plus your 180-degree attitude change, what impression do you want to make on the other party?

  The second kind is called unknowing, or use the phone content to explain “Hello, hello.

“I:” Hello, is it ***?

“A:” Yeah, who are you? ”

“A:” Yeah, who are you? ”

“I:” I’m from the company. Did you submit a resume for our company?

We think you are in good condition and would like to invite you to an interview.
“Answer:” ** Company, I haven’t submitted a resume?

“(Began, did I vote?

) I: “It shouldn’t, you sent it through the **** e-mail.

“Answer:” The e-mail address is mine. That should be my vote. Can you tell me what position I vote for?

“(Dizziness, I often ask this question, I think I’ve voted too much) I said,” You are in the position of **. It may take a long time. Are you still interested in this position? ”

“Answer:” Should I have it . “(I am mad) The last case is common for fresh graduates” Hello, hello.

“I:” Hello, is it ***?

“A:” Yeah, who are you? ”

“I:” I’m from the company. Did you submit a resume for our company?

We think you are in good condition and would like to invite you to an interview.
“A:” Oh, okay, no problem, thank you very much!

Er, by the way, where is your company?

“I:” Please write down our company address **** “A:” Okay, I wrote down, uh, sorry, how did I get there? ”

“I’m in the ** place. What kind of bus can I get?”

“” What markers are there in your company? ”

“I just came to your company and said it was for the job, right?

“You may think that asking the address or even how to go is understandable, but in fact, you can get this information yourself.

The feeling you give the other party is that you have a strong psychological dependence, and in the future, you will also ask: “Who can I ask for help?

How much is he calling?

What should I do if I cannot find ***?

Questions like “are accompanied by answers to you. I’d rather do it myself. Where does your work ability manifest?

   The seventh question interview tells you a story before telling you. The story is about Zeng Guofan, who is hailed as the last person in China’s modern history.

One day, Zeng Wenzhenggong (Zeng Guofan’s nickname, “Wenzheng” was the highest-standard siren of ancient Chinese civil servants, and a total of 13 Zeng Guofans in the Qing Dynasty were the last) to read at home, and suddenly heard the dictation of the Holy Spirit, see the palace!

The boss is looking!

I did n’t hurry to dress neatly. It was a bit like an interview. I went to the palace with a straight dress and was taken by a eunuch to a pavilion in a garden in the Forbidden City.
“Waiting here,” the eunuch said after leaving.

Zeng Guofan, who was neatly dressed and didn’t dare to sit, just waited. It was midsummer and hot (I guess the sauna days in Beijing will start at that moment).
Ban waited all afternoon, and in the evening, another eunuch came, saying that the emperor said, “Go back, you.” Zeng Guofan was so confused that he couldn’t ask and went home.

When I got home, I felt more and more depressed. After dinner, I went to the teacher’s house and talked to the master. I asked the teacher if it was a blessing or a curse.

The master Shen Yin asked for a while, “What did the couplet on the pavilion write?

Zeng Guofan said that at the time, his heart was panicked and chaotic. Zuo Li was restless and didn’t look carefully.

The master said, “Hurry up, find a eunuch, give a few hundred or two silver, and let him copy it out for you. Exactly!

“So Zeng Guofan did it. The next day the emperor really asked him what the couplet in the pavilion was. What was the meaning of Zeng Guofan’s answer? Immediately, he released the governor of the other province, got his eyes closed, and rewarded . understand?

Dare to love the Emperor to interview here!

Why not say that China has a vast history of 5,000 years?

  Does this story look a bit like today’s interview?

The interview has already started since you have entered the field of vision of the people. I usually talk to the candidate before the interview, similarly, what the offender is, the accent is not local, the family situation, do you know our company?What colleague, how do you know about our recruitment information, etc. In fact, this is all the information that is not convenient to collect during the interview, but it is really useful, so in fact this is already part of the interview, and the answer must be as careful as the interview.!!

Ask where do you think you live or want to know how far your home is from the company. If it is more than an hour away, what do you plan to do after work?

Ask your family situation to understand your stability, the two places separated?

Are your parents older and you are the only child?

The child is young?

It ‘s all a problem (Here we do n’t talk about the so-called employment fairness. From the heart, I very much hope that occupational fairness, but social reality does not encourage companies to do so. This is not something we can control or adapt. Interested friends doObstruct the discussion of alternative posts).

Specific positions will cause some other problems.

    Besides waiting.

What do you do while waiting for the interview?

According to my observations, most people sit dry, more than 70%, some people visit, some people read books, and some people talk to the front desk, which can actually reflect their personality.

I asked before, I said that there is no good or bad character. Some salespeople will be questioned if they are sitting. Why not use this time to understand some information?

Overall, it doesn’t hurt to look around.

   The first question, the economics of recruitment, is the focus of this question: who should you and the company ask for?

This is not a debate, or an economic issue. It must be very simple. It is the simplest model of supply and demand.

We generally think that companies should be thirsty, which is of course correct. Using myself as an example, most of my time as a hiring manager is chasing talents (those who are cattle) in the company, because they can create high value for the company, nGu Da Hotel is also indispensable ~~~ Or we put it another way, I am serving those talents who can create high value for the company, because if he works in my company, he can better reflect his ability,Get higher social value and self-worth recognition.

   These are two aspects of a problem. Recruitment is a unity of the two aspects, so the two sides of recruitment and application are a cooperative relationship that contains struggles. There is no one who asks for who!

Of course, chase must exist, the reason is simple, the chasing party will make more profit.

Isn’t this the most typical manifestation of the sales and purchasing model?

Therefore, when everyone refuses to let the enterprise not “hungry for thirst”, it is better to first consider the supply and demand relationship between the two parties, which one is possible.

 Regarding the relationship between Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang, we do not hinder using the theory of supply and demand to analyze the relationship between Liu Bei as the demand side of human resources (substitute) and Zhuge Liang as the supplier of human resources (owner).

At the time, Liu Bei sent people under the fence, with no cover on the roof and no cones below. The general commander Zhao Yun, Wen Chen was no less than Sun Ermi, and the age was not good. At the time, Liu Bei was 46 years old (the average age of ancient people)I do n’t dare to make sloppy steps, but even if I live to sixty, I ‘m sure of longevity), and I am still chased after being killed by people.Than Zhong Leyi, he plowed Hongzhi’s ambitions and clothed his clothes to Nanyang. As a hermit, it is better to sell it for price, and a wise man who chooses the best and waiters. Jiangdong is a group of leisurely people (not wise, but leisureYes) Mr. Wolong said, and went on and on: “Wolong and phoenix, you must be safe!”

“We don’t talk about the deep-seated reasons for the cooperation between the two sides (in fact, they also need each other). At least the supply and demand relationship between the two sides is clearly on the supply side. Under this scenario, there is no doubt that Liu Bei will chase Kong Ming, not the other way around.

Imagine why it was Liu Bei and not Cao Cao who went to Gu Zhuliang, and not even Liu Biao who had brought along Zhu Zhuliang (Zhu Geliang’s father-in-law was Liu Biao’s brother-in-law)?

Quite simply, they haven’t been so sleepy that they have to lower their worth, to see the 26-year-old, no work experience, legendary self-taught, and even a young guy without a diploma!

    Some people would argue that it is because Liu Bei is a special boss, and he is always thirsty for talent.

Is it really?

After Liu Bei had a land in Jingzhou, another Mr. Punch Tong from An Tianxia came to report. What did he do?

“Preparing to scorn its color (the ugly of the suspect’s parents), and then hearing the law, Sui’an County Order” Why did the concept of talent suddenly change?

Very simple, not so thirsty ~~~~~~ So, if you are a cow, you have the ability to compete with few interventions and come out to apply for a job?
What troubles, stay at home, natural headhunters will come to you; if you are unfortunately more substitutable, you have to learn from the senior Liu Bei, success?

You have to work hard!
  The ninth question, details determine success or failure. The previous article has expressed a point of view. The interview is not an examination but a face-to-face communication. The guests and the host held a friendly and cordial meeting in order to understand each other for a win-win situation!

It can be seen that, whether the communication between the interviewer and the candidate is the most important job in the interview, when does the communication start?

Start with your resume!

Step through the recruitment process, any time during which any event can have a fatal effect on the final result!

The steps are as follows: make resume, deliver resume, phone interview, before interview, interview process, post-interview questions.

Step by step, every step is fatal, and it must be noticed!

    So what is the decision-making success or failure?

Some people say that it is strength. Of course, there is no doubt that the strength is poor.

What we are discussing here is that the candidates have comparable strengths. What will determine success or failure at this time?


   How important are the details?

The best examples are in war and economics.

    Economically, the list is endless.

If you are interested and have time, I recommend a book, “Details determine success or failure.” I have seen it earlier, and I am very impressed by the details of the Shanghai Metro German Line 1 and the second designer’s imitation design.In terms of economic benefits, the first line is much better than the second line.

  The war is typical of the memorable Sino-Japanese Sino-Japanese War. I have been to the memorial hall of the former residence of Deng Shichang in Guangzhou. There is a description of the entire Sino-Japanese War in the Sino-Japanese War. In short, the Chinese navy is stronger than the Japanese navy in overall strength.In the case of a fiasco, the main battleship was basically launched into the sea, and the experienced sailors were basically lost. It is the last straw that has fallen in modern China!

We won’t go into details about the specific process, so I will mention a few details.

During the combat readiness period, when the Japanese Navy’s top commander, Ito Hiroshi, visited our naval fleet, he found that local sailors were drying clothes on the warship artillery; before the war, the Beiyang Marine Division investigated and dealt with incidents of fake and inferior artillery shells related to the Japanese; during the battle, BeiyangThe signal officer of the sailor made a mistake, and the fleet formed the wrong formation (first put a big oolong); or during the battle, the calculation of the sailor torpedo soldier caused the deadly torpedo to pass under the flagship of his flagship . I still thinkIs anyone lucky?

    So specific to our resume, will certain details determine success or failure?

As mentioned earlier, it takes less than 30 seconds to read your resume during the HR primaries. If you unfortunately see a problem that is obviously bad in detail, the loss may be very huge.

Manifestation: Your resume opens with red and green bars flying all over the sky; your typos are obvious; obvious expressions are wrong, all genders are uncertain, born in 2082 (no laugh, really there); changing other people’s resumes has not changed; time overlaps, Study and work, work periods overlap; Chinese and English resumes are asymmetric .

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