[How to make Jiwei shrimp dipping sauce]_The correct way_How to do

[How to make Jiwei shrimp dipping sauce]_The correct way_How to do

There are many ways to make Ki Wai shrimp, but people’s tastes are different.

Some people like to eat Kiwi shrimp raw, while others like to cook boiled Kiwi shrimp, and they can be made into a method that can be eaten with dipping sauce.

Then everyone’s taste is different, and it can be adjusted according to their favorite taste.

So how do we make the prawn dipping sauce?

Boiled shrimp is made by blanching, so as to keep its fresh, sweet, and tender flavor, and then eat the shelled dipped in sauce.

So the dipping sauce for white-boiled shrimp is a bit important. Of course, some people also prefer not to use dipping sauce.

What is there

What is the dipping sauce for white shrimp?

Here are some of them for you: First, raw materials: a pound of live shrimp, 10 grams of green onion, ginger, and red pepper.

10 ml cooking rice, 5 g salt, 5 sugar, 5 ml soy sauce, 15 ml broth, 10 ml oil.

Method: Put 5 ml of oil in the pan, heat, add green onion, ginger and red pepper, stir-fry, add broth, salt (3g), Baitang, soy sauce, adjust the taste into a bowl.

Boil most of the pot of water, add live shrimp after boiling, add cooking wine and the remaining salt and oil. After the shrimp tails open and the color turns red, remove it into a dish and dip the butter just before.

2: Add seafood soy sauce and a moderate amount of mustard to the saucer and mix a bit of onion to garnish; Three: Two or three cloves of garlic mashed (or cut into) garlic + some rice wine + some vinegar + appropriate amount of soy sauce.

Add red pepper oil as needed.

The ratio is about 1/2 teaspoon rice wine + 1 teaspoon vinegar + 1 teaspoon soy sauce.

(1 teaspoon = 5 ml, 1 tablespoon = 15 ml) rice wine or rice wine can be used, such as white wine, because it is too spicy, it should be reduced.

Highly not recommended for cooking wine (bad taste).

Other recommended dipping materials: 1: Raw soy sauce + Japanese mustard 2: Garlic + salt + hot cooked oil can be poured on top + raw soy sauce + sugar 3: chives, ground ginger, salt + hot cooked oilYou can go up + raw soy + sugar 4: The green pepper ring is slightly fried in the pot + salt + raw soy + sugar Many northerners have a conceptual alternative to “white burn”, thinking that white burn is cooked with white waterIt ‘s not true, it ‘s actually a misunderstanding. There are still several processes in the real white-boiled shrimp. In fact, the white-boiled shrimp is the simplest.You don’t even need to consider the temperature when you eat it, you don’t have to think too much about the decoration of the plate, and you can serve it with a simple and sour sauce dish.

Especially for those who want to eat shrimp and are too lazy, they can choose to make this dish, simple and fresh.

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