[Eat more dragon fruit, the effect of fire is good]_How to fire_How to fire

[Eat more dragon fruit, the effect of fire is good]_How to fire_How to fire

Dragon fruit is a fruit we like very much in our daily life. It is delicious and nutritious.

Dragon fruit is a cool fruit, which can play a good de-fire effect. People can learn about it in time, or find an effective de-fire method when they are on fire, so that the dragon fruit can exert its maximum effect.

First, pitaya can be pitted. The pitaya has a cold flesh and is a kind of pitted fruit.

Even so, the nutritional value of dragon fruit is also very rich, low content, low content, high fiber, is the best product for beauty and slimming.

The dragon’s flesh is cold and has the effects of protecting the throat, relieving cough, moisturizing the lungs, and purging.

People with constipation often eat dragon fruit, which can work synergistically.

And often eating dragon fruit can also effectively prevent the occurrence of constipation.

This is because dragon fruit contains coarse fibers, which can promote initial peristalsis.

Dragon fruit can also reduce the content of high blood pressure in the body, can help blood circulation, and help to prevent some cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Dragon fruit can inhibit tumor growth and improve the body’s immunity against some common tumors, certain colon cancers, etc.

In addition, pitaya has a detoxifying effect, which has obvious improvement effects on some advantages, such as inflammation of the corners of the mouth due to fire.

Therefore, eating dragon fruit will never get angry, but it can still perform a good de-fire effect.

Second, how to eat dragon fruit, cut a dragon fruit and cover it, use a spoon to dig out the flesh.

Add kiwi and strawberry, cut into small pieces like pitaya, mix with yogurt, salad, etc.

It’s just delicious fruit salad.

Either grind the dried guava (or dried tangerine peel) into a powder with a dry grinder, and stick the dragon fruit slices to eat.

It tasted strong at the beginning, and after being chewed slowly, the dragon fruit remained light and sweet.

Finally, eat with honey.

Honey can cover the astringent taste of the pulp.

Dragon fruit is not suitable for food with milk. Dragon fruit is cold, has a pale face, weak limbs, and often has cold symptoms such as diarrhea should not eat more; women should not eat dragon fruit during menstruation.

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