[How to cook green vegetables]_How to cook_How to cook

[How to cook green vegetables]_How to cook_How to cook

When cold vegetables are cooked, they usually need to be boiled in water before being cold mixed, but many people may have encountered this situation. After the vegetables are cooked, the color does not become green, and some people like to eat friedVegetables, but after being cooked, the vegetables will also become green and the color may turn black. In fact, this is a very common phenomenon. How can the vegetables not change color?

Stir-fried vegetables are the most commonly used home-cooked dish, and the family table is almost indispensable every day.

How can we look good in a dish, green color, mild taste, and delicious, nutritious vegetables need a lot of effort.

Vegetable phosphate vitamins, chlorophyll, trace elements and cellulose that promote bowel movements.

These nutrients are essential for the health of the human body.

How to prepare small plates with good color, aroma and taste is a matter of personal cooking.

It requires a good cooking experience combined with some tips to proceed.

In fact, there are two techniques for mastering stir-fried vegetables.

As long as you have two good tips, fried vegetables won’t change their color, but become greener.


The oil must be sufficient.

Some people fry vegetables with very little oil.

The temperature in the pot is not enough.

They can’t fry vegetables at any time, but they can fry water and taste cooked vegetables.

No matter how much oil the stir-fried vegetables are, evenly heated, the fat and moisture increase, which can better avoid the rapid loss of water in the vegetables, and the fried vegetables have a green and green feeling.


The fire must be big.

The focus of stir-fried vegetables is frying.

In order to better grasp these speeds, you must arrive quickly to ensure that nutrition is not lost.

Mainly stir stir, stir fry, you have to wok, not over-ripe, too much hype is too easy to lose the moisture of the vegetables themselves, taste bad.


Stir-fried vegetables can be added with a few mushrooms, dried tofu, and more balanced nutrition, plus vegetarian alternatives. If the vegetables can be fully fried, you do not need to cut them to better retain moisture and eat crispy and delicious.

Tips on how to keep the vegetables from turning yellow: Everyone should pay attention to the amount of oil when cooking vegetables. Some people usually put less oil in cooking, thinking that it is healthier, but the oil required for cooking vegetables is more than usual.Stir-fry more vegetables, so that you can stir-fry green and tender vegetables.

Heat: In addition to the amount of oil, the second thing we should pay attention to is the heat. Generally, stir-fried vegetables are stir-fried quickly on a high fire. It must not be medium-heated, and it must not be slowly fried and cooked on a low heat.

Salt: It is also necessary to pay attention to the salt storage time for stir-fried vegetables. For vegetables with sufficient moisture, it is recommended to add salt when it is fast-cooking. Kilowatts must not add salt prematurely, otherwise the leaves may easily turn yellow.It is also easy to pour a lot of water; but not all vegetables are put in salt at the end, but pumpkin seedlings and sweet potato leaves are not much water in vegetables. So it is recommended to put salt in oil and melt it.Then pour in the greens and stir fry quickly. This will stimulate the moisture in the greens and make them green and delicious.

Serving plate: I believe that after you stir-fry the vegetables, you are used to stacking them directly on the plate, but it is easy to cause the vegetables to turn yellow due to the high temperature and no heat dissipation. What if you solve this problem?

The method is very simple, that is, use chopsticks to set a little gap in the middle of the dish, so that the vegetables can be better radiated.

Most of the stir-fried vegetables in the hotel are first simmered in water, and then stir-fried with violent fire, so the color is very beautiful, but this operation has greatly caused the loss of VC in the vegetables, and the home operation does not reach the hotelRequirements, even this operation is not satisfactory.

The practice of stir-fried vegetables 1.

First pour water into the pot, boil and pour green vegetables, remove after a while, control the water, and then pour the oil into the pot to heat 2.

Pour in greens and stir-fry over high heat until broken. Season with salt to taste.

The practice of frying greens 1.

Clean the rapeseed first. Rinse the rapeseed thoroughly and rinse thoroughly. Then wash the onion and garlic and cut into 2 pieces.

Then pour a small amount of oil in the pan, add the minced garlic and stir-fry, then pour in rapeseed, stir fry over high heat until broken, and season with salt.

Tips: The first method of stir-frying greens is similar to that of hotels. Generally, fried greens in restaurants like to be boiled in boiling water, and then stir-fry over high heat, so that the greens look good.The vitamin C inside is lost, so if it is not particularly high for external pursuits, you can actually not put it in boiling water and stir fry at home. The heat is not as good as the restaurant, so the fried vegetables will still make a difference, but everyone only needs toMaster these tips just introduced, you can also stir-fry the vegetables that do not change yellow, delicious and good-looking.

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