[How to make scallion cakes at home]_ recipes _ home practice

[How to make scallion cakes at home]_ recipes _ home practice

The flour cakes made from flour are fragrant and have been liked by many people.

And the noodle cake also has a strong feeling of fullness, so in some areas they like noodle cake as a staple food, and adding some onions to the noodle cake will turn into onion oil cake.

Scallion pancakes are also a common snack on the street, but people selling street snacks will inevitably worry about hygiene, so what is the method of making scallion pancakes at home?

The practice of spring onion cake: 1.

First prepare the flour, spring onion, salt, and cooking oil, then pour the flour into a large bowl, then pour boiling water in portions, stir into floc with chopsticks, and pour in cold water to knead the soft dough 2.

Cover with cling film and set aside for half an hour, then wash the green onions and cut them into green onions. After the dough is fermented, knead it with your hands to make it smooth, and then alternate evenly with small agents3.

After that, use a rolling pin to roll into thin slices. After that, spread the oil evenly, sprinkle some salt and green onions, and then roll it from the middle to the middle. Then twist it clockwise a few times.

Roll out with a rolling pin and let stand for five minutes. Add it to the pan and bake. Then pour the oil into the pan and heat it. Put the cake in the pan, cover the pot, turn on a low heat, and bake one side into a golden color.

Cover the plaster and burn the other side to golden yellow, and shovel it out.

The second method of scallion cake: 1.

First prepare 400g of flour, the right amount of boiling water, the right amount of salt, 6 scallions, and green onions. Pour the flour into a bowl, add salt, and then pour warm water 2.

Align and knead the dough, then disperse the small agent evenly, then spread the oil evenly on the connecting rod plate, roll the small agent into a round cake, sprinkle some green onions evenly, and then roll up 3 again.

Roll out with a rolling pin, add it to the pan, and fry until it becomes golden brown on both sides and you’re done.

The practice of spring onion cake three: 1.

First prepare 200 grams of wheat flour, 110 grams of water, 1 grams of salt, 10 grams of flour for pastry, chopped onion, and about 30 grams of pastry. Pour the flour into a large bowl, then pour water and add salt 2.

Knead it into a smooth dough, ferment it for a quarter of an hour, then split it in half, roll a portion into thin slices, put the flour in a bowl, pour the hot oil into the pan, and make the pastry.Up to 3.

Then pour the pastry evenly on the rolled cake, spread it evenly, then sprinkle some green onions, some salt, and some salt and pepper or cumin powder4.

Then roll it into strips, knead it into a whole, then flatten it, cut it in half from the middle, roll it upwards, roll it into pie, then pour the oil into the pan and put in pie 5.

Bring it to a low heat for three minutes and turn it over for another three minutes.

The practice of scallion cake 4: 1.

First prepare 300g of flour, moderate amount of warm water, 15g of onion, 5g of salt and pepper, 50g of pastry powder, 30g of pastry, wash the onion and cut it, then pour the oil into the pot and pour onion white 2.

Heat the flour to a little smoke, remove the onion, pour the oil into the flour with salt and pepper, stir well, the pastry is ready, and pour warm water into the flour.

Then use chopsticks to stir into a flocculent shape, knead until smooth, cover with wet gauze and ferment for half an hour, and then combine even quarters. You need to sprinkle some dry flour when kneading the dough. 4

Roll into a thin sheet, spread the pastry evenly, sprinkle some green onions, roll up and close the pinch, roll it into a snail shape, step on it with the palm of your hand, and roll into a thick cake with a rolling pin 5.

Put it on an electric baking pan and heat it until it turns golden brown on both sides. You can also fry it on both sides in an oil pan.

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