[Can you eat sugar after tooth extraction]_Candy_Can you eat

[Can you eat sugar after tooth extraction]_Candy_Can you eat

Teeth are a good tool for us to refuse food. If the tooth is not good, the food will not taste good.

We know that children will experience a period of tooth replacement, and the teeth will be stronger and healthier after the tooth replacement.

However, due to unhealthy living habits and incorrect brushing, our teeth will have problems in adulthood, which will eventually lead to having to extract our teeth.

Can you eat sugar right after tooth extraction?

Sugar must not be eaten.

Tooth extraction is the most commonly used treatment technique in dentistry.

Tooth extraction can cause local tissue damage, cause bleeding, swelling, pain and other reactions, and can also cause changes in blood pressure, body temperature, and pulse, so it must be treated carefully.

Patients with cardiovascular disease and hematological diseases should pay special attention, otherwise it will bring serious consequences.

Tooth loss can cause alveolar bone atrophy, displacement or extension of adjacent teeth and jaw teeth, causing chewing disorders.

Anterior tooth loss directly affects optimality and appearance.

The premature loss of deciduous teeth in children can cause deformed gums.

Therefore, it is necessary to strictly grasp the indications for tooth extraction. Only when the teeth have adverse effects on health and cannot be treated with effective methods for preservation, extraction should be considered.

Note the problem: 1.

After tooth extraction, gauze or cotton ball on the wound should be bitten for about half an hour to 45 minutes to spit it out. When biting the gauze, swallow normally if there is saliva.

If the gauze is still slightly bleeding after removing it, you need to spare the gauze for 1 hour. If it still does not work, please contact your doctor again.

A small amount of blood in saliva within 24 hours is normal.

The saliva is slightly bloody, so don’t panic, but if blood keeps appearing, please contact your doctor.


After tooth extraction, it is advisable to rest in a semi-recumbent position, do not lie flat, and do not take a hot bath immediately to avoid bleeding from the wound.


Do not eat or drink for 2 hours after tooth extraction.

Can eat liquid or semi-liquid, do not eat too hard, excess food.

It must be noted that soft food should be eaten after 2 hours; food should not be excessive, and avoid chewing on the side of extraction.

Otherwise, before the blood clot is fully mechanized, failure to pay attention to the above points will lead to the destruction of the blood clot and bleeding.


Do not perform acute exercise or heavy physical labor on the day of tooth extraction, do not drink alcohol, do not play musical instruments, do not suck wounds, and do not gargle.


After the anesthesia disappears, the tooth extraction wound is slightly painful, and medicine is generally not needed. If there is fever, pain, bleeding, swelling or massive bleeding, you should seek medical treatment in time.


Except for the third molar and multiple teeth, adults generally need to install dentures after tooth extraction. They can be installed at the hospital or dental clinic about 2 months after extraction.


Gauze bite after extraction is very important.

After tooth extraction, tooth extraction is full of fresh blood, and a blood clot is formed in about 15 minutes to close the wound.

Therefore, the correct gauze biting time is 30 minutes.

It should not be too early or too late.

The blood clot does not form in advance, and the bleeding does not stop; the blood clot coagulates with the gauze when it is delayed, and it is taken out when the gauze is taken out, and it bleeds again.

At the same time, experts are “retracting” rather than “spitting out” gauze.

Blood clots are often destroyed by excessive force.

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