Health in the early summer, don’t miss 1 dish, 1 flower, 1 fruit!


Both men and women should eat more

Health in the early summer, don’t miss 1 dish, 1 flower, 1 fruit!
Both men and women should eat more

Yesterday was Xiaoman, Xiaoman was the second solar term in summer.

There are clouds in ancient books. “Small full day, things are here, small and full.”

Why do you say that?

it’s actually really easy.

In May, in the north, when wheat was grouted, the green wheat grains gradually became full.

In the south, rice fields are full, just like rice transplanting.

(It seems that Xiaobao is cute to go to the north to play?
After talking about the origin of Xiaoman’s name, it is customary to talk about the focus of health care during this period.

Speaking of the health of this period, it covers all aspects of clothing, food and shelter.

Today, Xiao Bian focuses on the aspect of “eat”.

Often eat “one dish, one flower and one fruit”, heat and dampness to nourish liver and kidney!

One dish: There are three dishes of bitter vegetables, one of which is the bitter dish show.

It means that in the small full day, bitter vegetables grow prosperous and gleaming, and they also have small yellow flowers.

Bitter vegetables, also known as borage, bitter leeks, is a kind of edible and edible wild vegetables (drug name sorrel).

In fact, from the point of view of eating goods, the bitter vegetables of the small full season have blossomed and seeded, a bit old, and the taste is not the best.

However, although the taste is almost the same, but after eating a bitter dish, it is good for the body.

Since the beginning of summer, the temperature in various places has gradually increased, and it is easy for some people to have appetite and lack of energy.

At this time, eating bitter vegetables with bitter taste and bitterness can prevent problems before they happen: First, bitter food can stimulate bile, secretion of gastric juice, increase appetite, help digestion and absorption; second, bitterness can be refreshing; third, Chinese medicine believes thatBitter taste has the effect of clearing heat and removing trouble.

In this sense, it is simply bitter vegetables. When you are young, you can eat some vegetables with bitterness in a broad sense, such as bitter gourd, cilantro, etc. It is also a good choice.

Note: bitter taste food is cold and cold, and those with bad stomach should not eat more.

One flower: When the flowers are small, the flowers are exhausted.

In addition to the strong ornamental, fragrant and pleasant, it is also a kind of health care products with the same medicine and food.

Silk flowers, bitter taste, slightly cold, have been considered by the doctors of the past to “cool blood to medicine”, have the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, cooling blood and moistening the lungs, and reducing blood pressure.

For example, the steamed fish, the home-cooked dish, has the power of heat and dampness.

Note: When the flower is open or the flower bud is formed, it is harvested and dried.

The former is called 鈥滄鑺扁€?and the attachment is 鈥滄绫斥€?

Here are 2 recommended 妲愯姳鍏荤敓鏂?

妲?楗?楗?鍘熸枡 鍘熸枡 鍘熸枡 鍘熸枡 鍘熸枡 鍘熸枡 鍘熸枡 鍘熸枡 鍘熸枡 鍘熸枡 鍘熸枡 鍘熸枡 鍘熸枡 妲?妲?妲?妲?15 grams of practice: add boiled water for 30 minutes, on behalf of tea.

Health effects: This drink has the effect of clearing heat, cooling blood and stopping bleeding. It can be used as an auxiliary implant for blood in the stool, blood in the urine and blood stasis.

妲愯姳娓呰倽 Drink ingredients: 妲愯姳 (or glutinous rice), Prunella, chrysanthemum each 10?
15 grams of practice: add boiled water for 30 minutes, on behalf of tea.

Health effects: This drink has the effect of clearing the liver and improving eyesight, clearing away heat and purging fire, and can be used to assist in the treatment of redness and swelling caused by liver fire and dizziness and headache.

One fruit: Cherry is in full bloom in early summer, and cherry is on the market.

It is not only rich in nutrients, but also a good medicine. It is one of the “small full three fresh”.

Chinese medicine believes that cherry is sweet, slightly acidic, and warm, with benefits such as spleen and stomach, nourishing liver and kidney, phlegm and rheumatism, and phlegm.
According to modern nutrition, cherries can supplement iron and contain iron in the first place. It is suitable for women and patients with iron deficiency anemia.

Note: 1.

Cherry can not eat too much, it is recommended to consume no more than 150 grams a day, which is equivalent to the amount of an adult hand.

Cherry is warm, too hot and too hot, should not eat too much, otherwise it is easy to nausea and vomiting, get angry, there will be symptoms of nosebleeds.

In addition, diabetic patients are also best not to eat, hot sexually transmitted diseases and those with fever and cough should not eat.


Cherry can not be put for a long time, very afraid of heat, it is best to put the cherries in the refrigerator for storage, fresh cherries can generally be stored 3?
7 days.

In addition to eating directly, cherries can also be made into desserts.

Cherry Longyan soup ingredients: 10 grams of longan meat or 15 grams of fresh longan, 10 grams of hazelnuts, 30 grams of fresh cherries, white sugar amount of practice: wash longan meat, wolfberry, add water, put in the pot to cook fullySwell; add fresh cherries to boil, add sugar to taste.

Nutrition Review: This soup can be used to treat blood deficiency, dizziness and palpitations.

Finally, the cherry is so good, but it is still very expensive to sell in some places, so Xiaobian wishes everyone to realize “cherry freedom” as soon as possible!

Of course, it has already been realized, when Xiaobian, the poor ghost, did not say Ha, leaving tears of sadness.


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