[Can you eat barley with nausea]_Efficacy_Effect

[Can you eat barley with nausea]_Efficacy_Effect

There are many causes of nausea and vomiting, and some are caused by food poisoning.

You may have eaten some outdated food, causing poisoning.

Or because of kidney colds, nausea, and vomiting.

This is a symptom of a normal healing cold.

However, if the vomiting and nausea are frequent, it means that the human body should have a virus.

Be sure to check the specific cause of the stomach condition and treat it in time.

But can you eat barley after nausea?

First, the efficacy and role of barley rice 1, heat-clearing and detoxifying barley rice is cold food, in summer, many friends will use white rice, black rice, mung beans, lily, millet and other ingredients to cook porridge to eliminate the strong fire in the body,Clearing heat and detoxifying effect.

2. Acne and whitening barley kernel rice has recorded its effect of pain in ancient classics.

With the continuous development of science, more and more researches on barley kernel rice have further confirmed its efficacy in treating free radicals.

Eating more barley kernels in life can whiten and nourish the skin.

3. Strong bones and bones, rheumatoid barley rice has strong bones and bones rheumatism effect. Barley rice contains carbohydrates, vitamins B1, B2, E and other nutrients, which are several times more than white rice.

It can effectively assist the body, carry out metabolism, and supplement the energy required by the body.

4. Deswelling Coix Seed Rice Deswelling Effect Many people may have heard of this. Specifically, boiled Coix Seed Rice boiled with water, you can add lily appropriately, and drink a bowl every day.

It is very helpful for edema legs.

Many people know that indica rice has good nutritional value and has great potential for the human body. However, although indica rice is good, everyone can’t ignore the replacement of indica rice.

There are several times in which the abnormality of barley is reflected in daily life.

Impurities in rice: 1, because the taste of barley is slightly cold, long-term consumption of people with debilitating constitution becomes colder and weaker, leading to weak constitution and irregular menstruation.

2. The sugar contained in barley is high in viscosity, so eating too much may hinder digestion.

People with weak stomachs can use boiled rice to cook with other ingredients, but do not drink with boiled water alone.

3. Although indica rice has the function of lowering blood fat and blood sugar, it is only a health food after all and cannot be used as medicine.

Therefore, patients with symptoms of hyperlipidemia should still seek treatment from a doctor. Do not eat indica rice for their own treatment, so as not to delay the disease or cause the disease to deepen.

Scientific research shows that women should not eat barley during pregnancy; less sweat, constipation should not eat barley; people with cold should not eat more, especially during menstruation.

The people who are suitable for eating barley are: various cancer patients, arthritis, acute and chronic nephritis edema, cancerous ascites, facial swollen limbs, beriberi edema, young acne pimple, and other rough skin malnutrition.

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