[How to drink]_Drinking_Conditions_Conditional

[How to drink]_Drinking_Conditions_Conditional

China’s wine culture has always been very rich. Drinking has become an essential activity in many people’s lives, but here is a reminder that not everyone is suitable for drinking every type of wine. We must choose the correct drinking method in accordance with our own situation.

1. Do not drink on an empty stomach. Many people know that they cannot drink on an empty stomach. Everyone understands this truth.

Before drinking alcohol, you need to warm your stomach. If your stomach is good, you will not get drunk. You will feel comfortable drinking it.

The so-called warming the stomach is to place some food in the stomach, and there is a lot of attention to what you eat. Try to choose some soy products as best as possible.

2. Wine can’t be mixed: beer, white wine, drink. This is a law of grandpa drinking. No matter how many kinds of wine there is on the banquet, he chooses one, and this time, he will not drink the other.

Old people generally like to drink a little liquor, beer and the like are the preferences of young people, and grandpa is not very fond of it.

There are many drinks on the wine table now, and some people like to drink with a variety of carbonated drinks. In fact, no matter which drink is mixed, it will cause great damage to the stomach and be more prone to drunk.

3. Pay attention to the festival, drink slowly, and taste the process from lips to tongue to throat to stomach. Drinking with fragrant tea is the same as drinking tea. The emphasis is on a character. Grandpa said that you should smell it slowly, then start withThe sensation of the lips, then the tongue, to the throat, and slowly swallowed.

The whole process is slowly completed, and you really enjoy the fun and aroma of drinking.

4. If you want to drink a lot of alcohol, drink more water, and go to the bathroom. Sometimes, for business entertainment or friends, you have to drink more alcohol, what should you do?

The grandfather told me that day, if you encounter this situation, teach a trick: drink more water, drink more boiled water. Drinking more water not only dilutes the concentration of alcohol, but also keeps going to the bathroom and buffering. It can also reverse moreThe foreign body is excreted, so that it will not be so drunk.

In addition, remember to drink less strong tea, it is better to drink some light tea, if you like to drink tea.

Say, try it next time.

I think it makes sense.

5. The whole process is a process of enjoyment. There is also dietary matching. Drinking ca n’t only be done with drinking. This habit is not good.

It mainly explains that when you are drinking, you can chat, eat and eat, play games, and so on. In this way, alcohol can be mixed with glucose in food to turn it into water to eliminate the body. This can make people not drunk. It is best to eat more.Order vegetables.

6. It ‘s enough to stop drinking. Do n’t try to persuade alcohol. Health is important. Drinking alcohol has always had a very unethical atmosphere, at least that’s what it means.

Many people like to persuade people by force, even those who ca n’t drink, and those people do n’t refuse in many cases, which sometimes leads to a very good party, because drinking or even making a noise, it hurts your temper and really ca n’t make it.

Therefore, it is recommended to keep a faint heart and get rich.

Try not to force others, and don’t force wine.

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