How to relieve the pain of the eight major prescriptions tell you

How to relieve the pain of the eight major prescriptions tell you

In the case of toothache, in addition to hospital treatment, some folk secret recipes can also improve the role of better toothache.

The prescription will smash the garlic and apply it to the pain point after warming to treat the symptoms of pulpitis, periodontitis and toothache.

After the prescription 2 melted the MSG at a concentration of 1:50, the MSG solution was spit out for a while.

Two times in a row, the toothache will disappear after two days.

When the prescription is three toothaches, you can cut a piece of ginger and bite it in the sore area. If necessary, it can be reused. It can also be included in the mouth when sleeping.

The prescription 4 took 10 grams of white pepper and researched it into fine powder, added alcohol to make a paste, and placed it in the cavity four times to relieve pain.

Healthy diet prescription five dew hive room amount, alcohol amount, burn with fire, when the hive burned into black ash, use finger ash to apply to the toothache, usually four to five minutes to stop the pain.

Prescription six raw pork, new cotton, wrapped in lard with cotton, heat, bite in the toothache for a while, one after another, repeated times and several times have a pain-relieving effect.

One to two capsules of Qi Liu Liu Pills, ground and applied to the gums of the teeth for 5 to 10 minutes, once a day, generally no more than 3 times, the effect is good.

Healthy small common sense prescription eight to take 100 grams of white wine into the cup, add 10 grams of salt to stir, the salt melted and boiled.

When the temperature is moderate, include a bite in the toothache, pay attention to not swallow, and the toothache will stop immediately.

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