[Can the broken bayberry be eaten?

】 _Deterioration_Nutrition Value

[Can the broken bayberry be eaten?
】 _Deterioration_Nutrition Value

Myrica rubra is very popular in the southern region. Its sweet and sour taste is very suitable for people’s taste.

Therefore, there are many people who like to eat bayberry, but bayberry is delicious but difficult to preserve, and it is prone to various shelf life problems, which will cause great damage to its edibleness.

For example, bayberry will deteriorate if left for too long. Can the broken bayberry be eaten?

Let ‘s take a look at the explanation below.

Bayberry contains a large amount of VC and VB, which has a certain effect on the prevention of cancer.

In addition, bayberry contains a lot of fruit acids, which have health effects on the spleen and stomach, can inhibit the conversion of sugars into misfortune, and prevent weight gain; bayberry is full of water, and it can quench thirst and relieve heat when it is hot.

Bayberry is very popular because of its rich nutrients and high medicinal value.

Bayberry is actually a very delicate fruit. The wind can’t blow, the rain can’t, and sometimes there is a large storm, which hits the bayberry everywhere. When they are bumped, they are easily damaged and can’t be cleaned.

Myrica looks like a bunch of small balls. The sweet and sour taste is even loved by birds. This bug also likes myrica.

If you do n’t wash well and eat it in your stomach, you will be the one who is uncomfortable.

In fact, as long as Yangmei is washed clean, you are not afraid that it has no “skin” protection.

How to eat peace of mind Myrica rubra.

First of all, when choosing bayberry, you must choose a clean appearance without damage, and it is especially important to clean it after returning home.

The washing is divided into three steps. The first pass is to add flour or starch to the water to turn the water into powdery water. Put bayberry in and rotate it clockwise so that the dirty things will be thrown out.In ten minutes, the white bug inside will run out by itself.

After the third pass, you can eat it.

Salt water soaking is also suitable for other fruits, which will never damage the taste and will improve the taste of some fruits.

Diet Taboos: Myrica is warm, and there will be fever and phlegm and other reactions when eating more.

In addition, the fruit acid in bayberry can erode teeth, so you should brush your teeth in time after eating.

Yangmei eats more easily because of cold stomach, diarrhea, acidic substances will destroy gastric acid and gastric mucosa, leading to stomach problems.

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